Sunday, February 8, 2015

Are your Kids Sarcastic?

Happy February Parents!!!

Hope you are enjoying your year so far.  As I meet more and more parents, it has become clear that some of us struggle with being sarcastic (which can translate into being mean/nasty) with our children.

So many of us are cynical by nature, but we have to watch our cynicism and sarcasm with our children because we can give them certain attitudes about things, people and life that we may regret later. 

As I watched a show that my 7 year old LOVES to watch on the Disney Channel tonite, I realized and recognized again that sarcasm and cynicism is what is "funny" even to our children. It is evident that money is made by the cute kid with the smart mouth and I have watched parents over and over again, who actually laugh at a fresh/grown little girl (or boy) with their hands on their hips. But my question is..when did it become cute/adorable to be fresh, sarcastic and cynical? 

How often are you cynical with your children? When does sarcasm become rude and mean? How does your child respond? Are they sarcastic back? 

I challenge you to become more aware of how you talk to your children, allow them to talk to you, and allow them to talk to others. 

Have a great week. 

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Coach Kumari